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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” - Mark Twain

    This site is dedicated to providing tips and valuable information that is useful to explore this incredible planet.  Lots of people have dreams about visiting other planets like Mars or Jupiter but planet Earth is pretty darn incredible!  From man-made creations, to ancient civilizations to cultural diversity, our world offers such an abundance of experiences.  One of our greatest joys we possess is the ability to explore! Why not explore our world and bridge the gap of being afraid of our differences to celebrating them! The more we learn about cultures, the more we witness a natural fusion of these cultures and the differences we use to fear becomes a part of our very own identity.


     What kind of traveller are you?  The Broke Backpacker! The Luxury Seeker! The Cultural Enthusiast! The Frugal Traveller! The Adventure Seeker! The Historical Buff! The Macabre Seeker! The Workcationer! Whatever you decide, I hope this website will spark an interest to get out there and explore!


     I think travelling is the greatest act you can do for humanity because it touches upon so many issues we face in the world today. 


Snorkelling in Dahab, Egypt gave me a profound appreciation for marine life and I vowed to limit my plastic consumption.


Volunteering at a migrant resource centre in Nogales, Mexico taught me the human spirit doesn’t give up easily.  If people are risking their lives for a better life, why not help people achieve their very best. Countries have always been built on incredible immigrants!


The Old City of Jerusleum taught me no matter what religion/faith/belief you practice, showing respect to all is the food that feeds the soul. 


Staying at Fairmont hotels around the world taught me to never feel guilty for having a luxurious experience.  It is the fruit of my labour.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”

-Mark Twain


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