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   WHO AM I   

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”

                                                    - Mark Twain

    This site is dedicated to providing useful tips and valuable information to explore this incredible planet. 


    One of the greatest opportunities we possess is the ability to explore! I hope this website will spark an interest to get out there and explore! Travelling is one of the greatest activism you can do for humanity because it teaches us to celebrate our differences.


Snorkeling in Dahab, Egypt gave me a profound appreciation for marine life and I vowed to limit my plastic consumption.


Volunteering at a migrant resource center in Nogales, Mexico taught me the human spirit doesn’t give up easily.  If people are risking their lives for a better life, why not help people achieve their very best. Countries have always been built on incredible immigrants!


The Old City of Jerusalem taught me no matter what religion/faith/belief you practice, showing respect to all is the key to universal acceptance.


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