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Puerto Vallarta - Mix of local charm and stunning beauty

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

A vibrant city where tourism doesn't overpower the culture but complements it! Puerto Vallarta is not to be missed for your next vacation getaway.

The vacation rental landscape has exploded and once a sleepy fishing village is now one of the biggest vacation spots in Mexico. What makes Puerto Vallarta special is how it kept it's sense of culture and fully celebrates it.

Our meals were all from town drawn from Puerto Vallarta’s vivid and electric food scene.

With its cobbled streets, and beautiful seaside promenade known as the Malecon. Revived by a major renovation in 2011 only accessible by foot traffic which makes the Malecon the heart of the city and more attractive to visitors. Here you will be swept along by the musicians and street performers while street vendors dot the streets along with cafes and restaurants. With options to walk and explore this beautiful city, I also couldn’t wait to get back to our accommodations and jump into our rooftop pool which is common when renting accommodations here.

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