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Port Credit, a little village just outside of Toronto and worth the trek!

For generations, in the winter parts of the Credit River freezes and you are able to skate. Traditions of friends and family gathering skating and playing hockey. On a busy weekend, you can watch many impromptu hockey games. It's a sight to see! You can also see people horseshoeing and cross country skiing!

Port Credit is located by the Credit River and originally a trading post in the 1700s. The harbour was a fishing port and became the centre for agricultural trade.

When the railway was built, many industries found success but it was the Lakeshore Highway in the 1900's that saw exponential growth in areas of business, tourism and local artisan goods. The link between Port Credit and Toronto is still key in the success of Port Credit attracting more growth in its industries and population wanting to grow roots here.

In 1974, Port Credit became part of Mississauga when the local areas incorporated. Locals take pride in their neighbourhood, with low unemployment and many annual events. When you ask a local where they're from, they'll refer to themselves someone from "Port Credit" rather than "Mississauga".

Train to Port Credit:

Port Credit is on the Lakeshore West line on GO Transit. From Union station the train ride is about 25 minutes. Please refer to and use their journey planner.

Flight to Port Credit:

Toronto is a major hub airport (YYZ) for domestic and international flights. There are more than 150 direct routes that fly into Toronto.

Bus to Port Credit:

Greyhound services into Mississauga but your best option from Toronto is the GO Train. Miway is Mississauga's transit local bus operator.

Where to Stay:

Most will stay in Toronto and do a day trip into Port Credit. The drive from downtown Toronto is 30 mins and 25 mins for the train from Toronto Union to Port Credit Go. The car would be a good option to drive to the different parks but the Mississauga Transit bus #23 runs along Lakeshore and easily accessible. Bus typically operates twice hourly.

If you are keen to stay at this cute waterside village, I would recommend:

The Waterside Inn

Address: 15 Stavebank Rd S, Mississauga, Ontario L5G 2T2

Notes: Boutique 3 star hotel located on the waterfront of downtown Port Credit. Walking distance to the local train station.


Where to Eat:

Address: 280 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga

Notes: Staple of Port Credit food scene for years and frequent by locals. High quality ingredients and meats.

Address: 121 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Notes: Trattoria serving classic and authentic Italian fare. Good wine and cocktail selections with a loyal local following.

Address: 259 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga

Notes: Best bubble tea hands down! Original milk tea and their 'hot' version is equally impressive for the winter season.


More information on Port Credit

Language: English. But with some French.

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD, $)

Modes of Payment: Cash and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX is still the most common)

Electricity Info: 120 volts

Train Travel:

Time Zones: Eastern Standard Time EST (GMT-5)

Dialling code: +1

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