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All About Me

My name is Ocean Phi Long Le and I am a travel enthusiast. 

I think travelling is the greatest act you can do for humanity because it touches upon so many issues we face in the world today. 

Snorkelling in Dahab, Egypt gave me a profound appreciation for marine life and I vowed to limit my plastic consumption.

Volunteering at a migrant resource centre in Nogales, Mexico taught me the human spirit doesn’t give up easily.  If people are risking their lives for a better life, why not help people achieve their very best. Countries have always been built on incredible immigrants!

The Old City of Jerusleum taught me no matter what religion/faith/belief you practice, showing respect to all is the food that feeds the soul. 

Staying at Fairmont hotels around the world taught me to never feel guilty for having a luxurious experience.  It is the fruit of my labour.